AI Agent for White-box Software Testing

Step into the future of AI-powered white-box testing with GoCodeo. By leveraging an ensemble of Large Language Models, we detect and eliminate software bugs early in development lifecycle.

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Ship with Confidence

GoCodeo offers autonomous bug detection & code correction for developers to confidently release code. With GoCodeo, post-production bugs become a thing of the past.

GoCodeo dashboard: AI test generation in your IDE with a single click.

Smart Testing Workflows

Test Generation

Bid farewell to writing tests manually writing and the need for prompts to generate test codes. While you code, GoCodeo's AI offers real-time, relevant test codes, serving as your testing companion.

GoCodeo meticulously inspects each line of code to ensure the generation of high-quality and contextually relevant software tests.
Test Execution

With just a click, instantly run the test cases and get underlying reasons for failures.

With just a click, instantly assess test outcomes and reasons for pass or failure using GoCodeo.

We provide the code correction suggestions, leaving you to review & implement fixes.


Simplify regression testing with AI. Update your codebase without introducing new bugs.


Code health metrics and coverage reports for deep insights and value assessment.

Everything in your control forever

We take data security seriously. Your code's integrity is strictly maintained with encryption and compliances. We also offer cloud solutions.

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