AI teammate for Software Testing

Step into the future of AI-powered quality control with GoCodeo. Our platform understands your code, generates and executes high quality tests within your IDE for swift delivery of bug-free software.

GoCodeo dashboard for comprehensive AI-driven software testing solutions.

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Your AI copilot for testing

GoCodeo offers autonomous bug detection & code correction for developers to confidently release code. With GoCodeo, post-production bugs become a thing of the past.

GoCodeo dashboard: AI test generation in your IDE with a single click.

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Ready to harness the potential of GoCodeo? Join us to unlock the realm of AI-powered software testing. Craft your visionary products and embrace error-free development.

Test Generation

Bid farewell to manual test creation and the need for prompts to generate test codes. While you code, GoCodeo's AI offers real-time, relevant test codes, serving as your trusty testing companion.

GoCodeo meticulously inspects each line of code to ensure the generation of high-quality and contextually relevant software tests.
Test Execution

With just a click, instantly assess test outcomes and reasons for pass or failure.

With just a click, instantly assess test outcomes and reasons for pass or failure using GoCodeo.

GoCodeo corrects failed tests & code errors, leaving you to review & implement fixes.


Simplify regression testing with AI. Update your codebase without introducing new bugs.


Easily shareable risk and coverage reports for deep test insights and value assessment.

Everything in your control forever

We take data security seriously. Your code's integrity and exclusivity are strictly maintained.

Code Right,
Test Light

Cyclomatic Complexity

Considering codebase complexities, we focus on pinpointing critical segments for rigorous testing. Our AI analyzes program's control flow to suggest the required test coverage.

Quality Test Codes

Leveraging cutting-edge fine tuned models, domain-specific prompts, and a dedicated user interface we offer tests in real-time that are both quantifiable and insightful.

Accelerated CI/CD

Running complete unit test suites for every change is tedious. Our AI executes vital tests to validate code changes, speeding up development and increasing productivity.

Code Refactoring

GoCodeo enhances your code's testability, aiding in boosting the test coverage. It offers automated code fixes, suggesting corrections to improve your codebase.


Our dashboard unveils vital code insights, visualizes testing data to enhance quality, and offers coverage details. Easily transit from project overview to specific files or classes.


GoCodeo automatically detects changes in the code and provides test suggestions. This helps maintain the stability and quality of the codebase even after making changes.

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